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Check back often for seasonal tips about what's going on in our area, updates on local pest and disease outbreaks, weather impacts, and more.

Nick Markley Wins 2015 Ohio Tree Climbing Championship

Independent Tree’s own Nick Markley was recently honored as 2015 Champion of the Ohio Tree Climbing Championship.   Hosted in the Columbus area on December 13th, Nick bested the efforts of a highly competitive field of the state’s best climbers to earn his ticket to Tampa in the International Tree Climbing Competition. Presented by the…
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How Trees Save Homeowners Money

Trees are great for the environment, but what if we told you they could also be great for your pocketbook via savings on your energy bills? Intrigued? Great! Because today we’re going to learn how trees can save you upwards of $2,500 over the next 10 years. We’ll go through what types of trees would…
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Fall Is A Good Time For Plant Health Care

The time has come again for tree planting. Fall & spring are the ideal times to plant new trees and shrubs. As trees and shrubs prepare for the winter, they are no longer photo synthesizing, but putting the food they made into storage & going into dormancy. For this reason, fall has the added bonus…
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The Pignut Hickory – Carya Glabra

With all the bounties that Fall has to offer, it seemed fitting that this issues feature tree represent one of our great nut producing species Few Ohio native trees have the majestic height & strength of the Pignut Hickory, Carya Glabra. Pignut Hickory are characterized by 5-7 small leaflets. The bark is gray and smooth…
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acorn and bright maple leaves

Sep 24 2014

Autumn Weather Brings … Nuts!

We're fortunate in northeast Ohio to have many trees that develop nuts each fall. Hickory, oak and pine are just a few. From them we get food, dye and more. So this year, why not harvest them instead of raking them into bags for disposal?
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The Liberty Tree

Let Freedom Reign!   In celebration of Independence Day, we felt it fitting to not narrow our celebration of trees to one specific species, but to take a look at what trees represent to us as a nation.   Few things go hand and hand with America more than a tree; which is why our…
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The Cherry Tree, An American Treasure

Prunus, from the Avium cultivar to the Sargentii we look to the flowering Cherry tree as a sure sign that spring is here.  With delicate white and pink flowers popping out at us, it is sure to bring the feeling of life and fertility.  Few trees carry as much American tradition as the flowering Cherry…
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The Purpose of Professional Tree Trimming

Properly trimming trees is much more than randomly cutting away branches that may or may not need to be removed. While many homeowners attempt tree trimming, certified arborists believe that this service is best left to professionals who have the education and knowledge to trim a tree in a way that will keep it healthy.…
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Taking Care of Your Trees

Though taking care of trees located in a natural, undisturbed forest may not require any work, maintaining the trees in your Geauga County yard may require some effort to maintain their health. While trees in a virgin forest have the benefit of naturally decomposing materials, adequate groundcover, and nutrients delivered deep into the soil, the…
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The Steps to Successful Tree Planting

Adding new trees to your yard can be an excellent idea. Providing more shade and adding dimension to your landscaping, new trees can be an asset to your home’s curb appeal. Though it may seem like an easy process, planting a balled and burlapped tree to give it a good start can require quite a…
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What's Next?

Things are constantly changing in Northeast Ohio - weather, pests, and tree diseases all affect your landscape. Stay on top of what's going on so you can keep your trees and yard safe, healthy and beautiful.