Tree Diseases in Northeast Ohio

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What You Need to Know

Northeast Ohio is home to a number of damaging diseases that injure, deform, and even kill trees and shrubs. Even with the best care, trees, shrubs, and other plants can become infected with harmful diseases (although proper care greatly reduces the chances of that happening!).

On this page, we share resources that will help you identify, prevent, and treat any diseases that do occur.

what to look for to identify bacterial and fungal diseases

the trees or shrubs that are typically infected

how to prevent diseases from infecting your plants

Common Tree Diseases

Treatment & Control Options

Timing is Critical

When a treatment is applied can make all the difference between suppressing or curing the disease that's affecting your tree and having no effect (or, even worse, having a negative impact on the tree's health).

Each disease has a specific timeframe during which treatment - either preventive or curative - is effective. Outside that timeframe, there's no point applying treatments.


Fungal diseases can spread quickly. Pre-emptive foliar treatments in early spring can prevent the production and spread of fungal spores, although they cannot "cure" the disease. Fungicides are applied only until about late May; treatments after that time can cause leaf scorch and are unlikely to be effective.

sweetgum leaf on the ground with chlorosis

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