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trees in winter covered by heavy snow

Feb 23 2021

Helping Bent-Over Trees Recover From Ice & Snow Loads

We cover what you need to know about dealing with snow and ice-damaged trees or shrubs (bent over, broken, leaning, etc.), plus how to prevent snow and ice damage in the first place.
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A light dusting of snow on a variety of plants and trees in an Ohio yard

Jan 28 2021

How to Bring Color and Life to your Northeast Ohio Winter Landscape

We share our favorite ways to bring color and dimension to your winter landscape, as well as tips to provide valuable food and shelter for wildlife.
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A bald eagle perches on the top branches of a snag, or dead tree in Ohio

Dec 13 2020

How Dead Trees Benefit Wildlife [Even on Your Own Property!]

Learn how dead trees support the environment, safety considerations, and what to do with a dead tree on your property to help wildlife (removal may not be the only or best option!).
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dead tree branches against a blue sky

Nov 18 2020

How to Tell if a Branch is Dead or Alive

Signs that indicate whether a branch or twig is dead or just dormant, why it's important to know the difference, and what to do if it's dead.
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Oct 22 2020

My Conifers Are Losing Needles! Should I Be Concerned?

Learn what’s normal when it comes to evergreen conifers losing needles, why it happens, and when to be concerned about dropped needles.
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Sep 24 2020

Why Do Tree Leaves Change Color in Fall?

Learn why and how leaves on deciduous trees change color and then drop to the ground in fall (hint: it's caused by pigments).
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Chlorosis shows up as dark green veins on lighter green leaves on this dogwood tree in Ohio

Aug 19 2020

Chlorosis in Trees & Shrubs: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

If your tree's leaves turn yellow while the veins stay green, it's probably chlorosis. Learn what causes it, how to distinguish chlorosis from other leaf problems, ways to prevent it, and how to treat the symptoms.
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tar spot fungus on sycamore maple leaves - green leaves with dark spots looking up into the tree

Jul 16 2020

Maple Tar Spot: Identification, Prevention & Treatment

If the leaves on your maple trees have dark, round spots that look like they’ve been splashed with tar, it’s probably a fungal disease called maple tar spot. Learn what to look for, how it spreads, and what to do about it.
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engorged tick

Jun 24 2020

Ticks in Northeast Ohio: How to Avoid Being Bitten by a Disease-Carrying Tick

The incidence of tickborne diseases is rising across northeast Ohio. Learn how to spot and remove a tick, when and where they're active, the diseases they carry, how to protect yourself, and tick control options to keep them off your property.
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healthy organic soil being raked

May 27 2020

Is Your Soil Healthy? How to Tell & Why it Matters

Soil health has a huge impact on plant health and appearance. Keep your trees healthy by learning what soil is, how to identify healthy soil, ways to improve poor soil (most urban & suburban soil falls in this category), fertilizer use, and more.
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What's Next?

Things are constantly changing in Northeast Ohio - weather, pests, and tree diseases all affect your landscape. Stay on top of what's going on so you can keep your trees and yard safe, healthy and beautiful.