Winter Tree Care Tips for Northeast Ohio

Frost-covered evergreen tree in Northeast ohio

Our top recommendations for winter tree care, including plant protection, preventing ice, snow, wind and salt damage, winter pruning, hazardous tree identification (before winter storms arrive!), and more.

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Why Trees Go Dormant Over Winter

dormant trees in winter

We use the phrase “winter dormancy” a lot, especially when talking about why it’s good to prune trees during the winter (dormant pruning). But what does it really mean? And why is dormancy important?

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6 Benefits of Winter Tree Pruning

winter pruning northeast ohio independent tree

It’s a common misconception that tree maintenance cannot be done during the winter months. In reality, winter and early spring are a perfect time for many tree care jobs, especially dormant pruning and tree removals.

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How To Prevent Salt Damage to Trees & Shrubs

snow and salt damage to trees

Each winter, thousands of tons of de-icing salt are applied to state and municipal roads in Northeast Ohio in an effort to keep roads dry, ice-free and safe for drivers. We also use rock salt and other de-icing materials on our own properties to clear walkways, driveways, patios and parking areas. But salt has a…

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Winter Protection for Trees & Shrubs

Here in Northeast Ohio, our trees and shrubs face a whole range of threats during winter, both from the weather itself and from animal pests. Cold dry winds can dry out trees, especially evergreens The weight of heavy snow and ice breaks branches, leading to a damaged and unsightly plant Road salt and spray damages leaf tissue…

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How to Care for Trees Damaged by Winter Snow and Ice

trees in Northeast Ohio damaged by snow and ice

    Heavy snow and ice during the winter months can be particularly devastating to trees and other landscaping around your home. Broken branches, trees that have split apart, leaning trees, and even fallen trees happen every winter. While you, unfortunately, cannot control the weather in Northeast Ohio, you can take action to help your…

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