Certified Tree Services in Shaker Heights, OH

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Why Choose Us?

When you need experienced tree services in Shaker Heights, OH, our certified tree care professionals can provide the highest quality attention for your trees. Our qualifications include:

ISA-certified arborists

Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals (CTSP)

ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification (TRAQ)

TCIA Accreditation

Full licensing and insurance for tree work

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At Independent Tree, we’re proud to offer our neighbors local tree services in Shaker Heights, OH. Our home-grown professionals are led by a team of ISA-certified arborists. We have years of experience in tree care, including tree pruning, disease prevention and treatment, insect pest identification, and emergency tree service.

We proudly serve our neighbors across Northeast Ohio for professional tree services. We may not be the largest tree company in the area, but we’re the only independently-owned tree service in the area with TCIA Accreditation. With accreditation from the TCIA, our customers know we meet strict industry standards for tree care.

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What to Expect When You Hire Independent Tree

When you choose us for your tree health management, tree trimming, or removing storm-damaged trees, you’re choosing your community. We’re independently owned and operated by arborists, climbers, and other tree professionals from Shaker Heights and the surrounding areas.

We’re home-grown and commit fully to bettering our community through:

  • Education
  • Volunteering
  • Support
  • Sustainability
  • Standards

Our Shaker Heights Tree Services

Tree Trimming and Pruning

For beautiful and healthy trees, you should schedule regular tree trimming services from a certified professional. At Independent Tree, we focus on preserving the health of your trees through regular tree pruning, paying special attention to the shape and weight of each tree.

We recommend pruning trees regularly for several reasons, including:

  • Thinning and shaping the canopy for better airflow between branches
  • Controlling the tree’s growth to keep it from interfering with structures, power lines, walkways, or roads
  • Reducing the need for storm damage clean-up by keeping trees healthy and tending to weak branches early
  • Removing infected branches for disease treatment before the disease has a chance to spread

By scheduling regular tree pruning with our company, you can avoid costly emergency tree removal, disease treatment, and property damage during inclement weather from falling trees or branches. Additionally, with proper cabling and bracing, we can support weaker branches and guide their growth for a stronger tree structure.

Independent Tree worker on treating a cherry tree in Shaker Heights, OH.

Tree Health Management

Our tree care services include tree and shrub fertilization, insect pest identification, disease prevention and treatment, and more. We offer comprehensive tree health management plans to address existing concerns with tree health on your property and prevent common issues for trees in Northeastern Ohio. Contact us today to schedule an inspection for tree services in Shaker Heights, OH.

Insect Pest Prevention and Treatment

Are your trees or shrubs struggling to maintain lush green foliage or showing signs of distress? An arborist can inspect your trees and help with insect pest identification so we can spray a targeted formula for organic insect treatment. Common insect pests that infest trees in Shaker Heights, Ohio include:

  • Tree Pruning & Trimming

  • Tree and Shrub Planting

  • Structural Support & Tree Safety

  • Emergency Tree Service

  • Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

  • Insect & Disease Management

  • Fertilization & Soil Improvement

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We had a large white oak uproot and threaten our home. They responded on the day of the uprooting with an assessment, advice, and an appointment. On the day of the work, they came on time and fully prepared. They safely brought the tree down with zero damage to the property. The team was professional and efficient.

Brian Baird

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Did You Know?

According to Ordinance 1253.04, you must designate replacement trees for any trees removed from your property. For trees between two and six inches at DBH (dimension at breast height), the replacement tree must be two inches. For trees over six inches at DBH, the replacement tree must be at least four inches.

Why We Love Shaker Heights, OH 

Shaker Heights ranks #1 in the best places to live in Ohio. We proudly serve our community in Shaker Heights for tree care, and on our days off, we enjoy visiting some of our favorite restaurants and entertainment venues, including:

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This company is responsive, professional, and does excellent work. They have all the necessary equipment, including access to a crane, so no job is too big. Once I called them, they came out right away and gave me a quote. After I accepted, they scheduled me in a timely manner and got the job done. I can highly recommend this company.

Sheilagh O

Treatment & Prevention of Tree Diseases in Shaker Heights

When you call us, we’ll inspect the trees on your property for signs of infection by common tree diseases, including:

We can then plan appropriate disease treatment for any active infections, disease prevention to keep the rest of your trees healthy, and fertilization to feed your trees appropriately so they can resist disease more easily.

Independent tree worker doing some tree removal.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Through soil testing and other measurements, we can determine which nutrients your trees need and if your soil requires additional conditioning. We’ll develop a custom organic fertilizer formula and soil amendment blend to address concerns on your property.

We can also apply a plant growth regulator treatment to help your trees grow more fine root hairs to help with water and nutrient absorption, improving health and growth from the ground up.

Mosquito & Tick Control

Northeast Ohio is home to mosquitos and ticks. These pests in your yard can infect you, your family members, and your pets with any of several diseases, including Lyme disease, West Nile Virus, eastern equine encephalitis virus, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, anaplasmosis, babesiosis, and more.

At Independent Tree, we know the risks these dangerous insects can pose to humans and pets alike. We offer seasonal sprays that target different stages of these pests’ reproductive cycles, lessening their population and reducing your risk of contracting one of these life-altering diseases. Call us for tick and mosquito control.

Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

If you have a tree that requires removal on your property due to oak wilt, illness, or instability, we offer tree removal and stump grinding services. For large trees, we even offer tree removal with a crane. After removing a tree, we can grind the stump to prevent regrowth, infection, or infestation of the live stump. We can also help you choose the right tree for replacement in accordance with local ordinances.

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Our certified arborists can inspect your trees and determine the best course of action to maintain their health, beauty, and structure. Call us today at Independent Tree at 440-276-0785 or contact us online for tree services in Shaker Heights, OH.