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Protect Your Family from Ticks & Mosquitoes

Northeast Ohio is one of the worst locations in the country for mosquito infestations, with the Cleveland-Akron-Canton region ranking number 25 on the 2018 list of worst-hit cities. The four types of ticks most commonly found in Ohio are endemic in our area and populations increase every year, as do tick-borne diseases.

Are you affected?

Even the most meticulously-maintained property in northeast Ohio is infested with ticks and mosquitoes, even if you can't see them. Although we usually think of ticks being found in wooded areas, and mosquitoes in wet, swampy spots, the fact is that they're found everywhere throughout the state.

Why Should YOU Care?

Both ticks and mosquitoes carry and transmit infectious bacteria and viruses that can cause debilitating diseases, such as Lyme disease, West Nile virus and anaplasmosis. They feed on humans and pets, causing allergic reactions in some and uncomfortable welts and itching in others.

Why are they in your yard?

Ticks are not only spread by white-tailed deer, they're also carried by rodents, such as woodchucks, squirrels, white-footed mice, and voles, as well as on you and your pets. Mosquitoes tend not to travel far; the ones found in your yard have likely been born there or on a neighboring property.

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How To Control Ticks & Mosquitoes

The best option is to kill these pests before they become a problem. Preventive treatments applied on a regular schedule offer effective control to keep you, your family and your pets safe.

Apply targeted treatments where pests are most likely to be found

Remove standing water where mosquitoes can breed

Apply a layer of mulch around the perimeter of your property

Keep the lawn mowed and trim back overgrown shrubs

Our Tick & Mosquito Spray By The Numbers

Weeks of Control

Each treatment kills ticks, mosquitoes, fleas and other nuisance insects on contact, plus gives an average 4 weeks of residual repellent benefit after each application


All Natural

We use a highly effective, all natural product derived from cedar oil and peppermint that's been classified by the EPA as posing "little to no risk" to people, pets or the environment.

Number of Applications

It's critical to start your tick and/or mosquito control program early (we start in May) and apply treatments regularly throughout the warmer months.


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About Tick & Mosquito Treatment Sprays

While there are some DIY or consumer-grade treatments, the best results are achieved through professional tick and mosquito control applications.

We offer an all natural pesticide application to help eliminate ticks, mosquitoes, fleas and other nuisance insects from your property.

To minimize the impact on beneficial insect populations, we focus our applications on specific habitats where these nuisance pests live and breed. We use high-pressure sprayers so the treatment penetrates into leaf litter, crevices, ground covers, woodpiles and other areas where ticks and mosquitoes hide.

Treatments are applied where ticks and mosquitoes are most likely to be found, such as -

  • where the wood line meets the lawn,
  • on perennial beds,
  • in shaded areas,
  • in dark, humid areas and
  • alongside trails and paths.
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