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A dedicated tree service team that cares about the health and beauty of your trees and landscape the way you do
Licensed, fully insured, ISA Certified Arborists & Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals
One of the few TCIA Accredited tree service companies in Ohio
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Pruning & Trimming

By carefully removing dead, damaged, diseased, or otherwise unwanted tree branches, pruning not only improves the appearance of your trees and shrubs but also improves their health and safety.



From saplings to mature trees, whether you want to plant several trees or one gorgeous specimen tree, you can rely on the arborists at Independent Tree. We plant only the highest quality trees and do it correctly to help them thrive in your yard.


Structural Support (Cabling & Bracing)

Trees with poor structure, such as long, heavy branches or an imbalanced canopy, are more likely to split apart or break from high winds or heavy snow. Structural support, such as cabling and bracing, can keep them intact and make them safer.


Tree Removal & Stump Grinding

We strongly prefer to save a tree, rather than cut it down. But when there's no option other than to cut down a tree, the experienced tree care professionals at Independent Tree will remove the tree safely and efficiently.


Emergency Tree Service

Whether it's due to a summer thunderstorm, heavy snow and ice, or another unexpected event, fallen and broken trees can put everything on hold until they're safely removed.


Other Services

From Arborist Consultations to land clearing and mulching, you'll always get first-rate tree services from the professionals at Independent Tree.


Insect & Disease Management

Prevention and control for insect pests and tree diseases. Organic treatment options, spray-free applications, Integrated Plant Management (IPM), and Plant Health Care programs.


Fertilization & Soil Improvement

Most trees in urban and suburban environments benefit from judicious use of organic fertilizers applied correctly and at the right time.


Tick & Mosquito Control

Northeast Ohio is one of the worst locations in the country for mosquito infestations, with the Cleveland-Akron-Canton region ranking number 25 on the 2018 list of worst-hit cities. The four types of ticks most commonly found in Ohio are endemic in our area and populations increase every year, as do tick-borne diseases.


A Few Words From Our Customers

"I had a pine tree that was interfering with electric and phone wires. The Independent Tree crew removed the tree in a very courteous and professional manner. I was very impressed with their work ethic and how they went about accomplishing the task in a clean and safe way. I would heartily recommend them to anyone needing any kind of tree work."

Richard Fabritius

"I had Independent Tree do trimming and pruning of my trees, and also remove 4 or 5 that were a nuisance. Yesterday they came and planted 5 new trees. All of the work performed by the team was professional and they were a courteous and wonderful group of guys. I am very satisfied with their work and the value. I would recommend this business, and will use them for any of their services I may need in the future."

Jim Susnik

"I contacted this company after two others came to my home and were clearly competent for taking down trees, but didn't know a thing about keeping trees healthy. I had both needs. Alan came out promptly and it was obvious immediately that he knows a great deal about trees and their health. It was perfect! The team he sent out to do the job was friendly, Covid-appropriate, knowledgeable, willing to work around a dog and chickens, and did a truly wonderful job. The trees that needed to come down due to being much too close to buildings, were taken down with no damage to anything nearby, and the tree that needed pruning and a deep mulch around it got that and is looking very happy and healthy a couple of months later. Also, the office staff were terrific in answering questions and getting things scheduled during a very busy time for them. I can't say enough about this company."

Margaret Swift


Moving a 9,600-pound Tree Trunk That Fell at the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes

After a microburst storm ripped through Shaker Heights, Ohio, residents found many historic trees had been toppled, including this over 300-year-old oak at Shaker Lakes Park. Independent Tree was able to help the City of Shaker Heights Government and the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes relocate a 9,600-pound section of the tree to the Nature Center. The massive trunk will be used for their future play area and as a teaching tool to educate the community.


Spring has sprung and with it comes gorgeous blossoms, bright green leaves, warmer weather - and tree pests and diseases. But a few simple actions will keep your landscape looking its best:

  • inspect for winter damage,
  • clean up debris,
  • fertilize trees and shrubs,
  • treat to prevent or control pests and disease,
  • prune dead, damaged, or diseased branches,
  • plant new trees,
  • water well, and
  • spread mulch.

Take action now and you'll be able to sit back and enjoy the view all summer.


Oak Wilt is a deadly fungal disease that has put all oak trees in northeast Ohio at risk. Once a tree is infected, it will die and the only option is safe removal. But it's possible to prevent the spread of Oak Wilt so it won't kill your oak trees. See our Oak Wilt Resources page for details.

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