Shrub Pruning in Northeast Ohio: A Guide for Homeowners

An independent Tree crew pruning a. shrub in the garden of a residential home in Newbury, OH.

The secret to a stunning landscape often lies in the art of shrub pruning, a task you can master with a bit of guidance. At Independent Tree, we’re here to share our expertise and help you transform your yard into a horticultural masterpiece.

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Why Does Treatment Timing for Plant Health Care Change Each Year?

A desk calendar in front of a backyard with green trees and near a bouquet of cut flowers.

Have you noticed that we don’t apply treatments at the same time every year? That’s because treatment timing is based on growing degree days, not the calendar date. See how that impacts your tree pest and disease treatments and why professionals get the best results by using this science-based method so schedule PHC applications.

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Does Deep Root Fertilization Really Work?

Independent Tree employee applying deep root fertilization to shrubs

What’s the best way to deliver fertilizer, water, and soil amendments to a tree? Does it matter how healthy the tree is, where it’s located, what the weather’s like, etc.? You may be surprised at the answer!

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