Does Deep Root Fertilization Really Work?

Independent Tree employee applying deep root fertilization to shrubs

What’s the best way to deliver fertilizer, water, and soil amendments to a tree? Does it matter how healthy the tree is, where it’s located, what the weather’s like, etc.? You may be surprised at the answer!

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Tree and Shrub Fertilization FAQs: What, Why, When & How

Do trees in your yard need to be fertilized? What kind of fertilizer is best for trees and shrubs? What happens if trees aren’t fertilized? When is the best time of year to apply fertilizer to trees in northeast Ohio? How should you do it? Keep reading for answers to those questions about fertilizing trees – and many more!

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Tree Planting Tip: Buy the Right Size Tree

A redbud tree with spring blossoms grows amongst other trees and plants.

We’re often asked whether it’s better to plant a larger tree than a small one, especially if you want it to make an impact in your landscape more quickly. In this tree planting tip article, we explain how to choose the best size tree to plant and why.

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Using Wood Chips as Mulch: FAQs

Independent Tree crew member spreading wood mulch around the base of a conifer tree.

Wood mulch is a layer of organic material used to cover the soil surface. This post answers all your questions about wood chips and wood mulch, how it benefits your garden, what to do (and not do!) with it, how to find it locally, and more.

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Is Your Soil Healthy? How to Tell & Why it Matters

healthy organic soil being raked

Soil health has a huge impact on plant health and appearance. Keep your trees healthy by learning what soil is, how to identify healthy soil, ways to improve poor soil (most urban & suburban soil falls in this category), fertilizer use, and more.

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Avoid These Pruning Mistakes That Can Kill Your Trees

Protect the health and appearance of your trees by avoiding the most common pruning mistakes. It’s easy when you know the proper pruning techniques (including what NOT do to), the right tools to use, when to prune and why you’re doing it.

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