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From saplings to mature trees, whether you want to plant several trees to create the backbone of your landscape or to showcase a gorgeous specimen tree, you can rely on the arborists at Independent Tree. We plant only the highest quality trees and do it correctly to help them thrive in your yard.

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A New Tree is a Lifetime Investment

A new tree is a lifetime investment and will add value to your home - but only if it's planted correctly. And that isn't as easy as it may look.

Proper planting is essential to the future health of your trees and shrubs.

Our Certified Arborists can select a wide variety of trees or shrubs appropriate to your location for you to choose from, and you can rest assured that your investment will be installed correctly.

Here are some of the things to think about when planting a new tree -

Is this the right tree for your location?

How wide and deep should the planting hole be?

Should you amend the soil in the planting hole?

Have you removed all constraints that could affect future growth?

Where's the trunk flare and where should it be relative to the soil level?

Does the tree need to be staked? If so, how and for how long?

How often and how deeply should the tree be watered after it's planted?

Tree Planting Service in Northeast Ohio



To increase the rate of survival for new trees, we recommend that all new trees be planted no later than July 4. Following the holiday, we do not schedule tree planting services again until the fall season.


Summer in Northeast Ohio is unpredictable. Extreme hot and dry temperatures are possible, and these conditions can be extremely stressful on new plants and trees, as well as any trees or shrubs that have been transplanted. They will require a lot of care and watering in order to successfully grow their root system, especially if we are going through long stretches without any significant rainfall.

The combination of a lack of water and heat stress can be too much for a newly-planted tree to handle, and you may notice these signs of stress:

  • discoloration of the tree’s leaves,
  • wilting leaves,
  • drooping branches, and
  • early leaf drop.

Because of this, the best time of year to plant is during the spring and the fall seasons.

If you are interested in planting before July 4, contact Independent Tree as soon as possible to schedule your service.

Above & beyond


A big thanks to Independent Tree and the crew who came out to install my maple tree.


The entire crew went above and beyond to get the tree in the correct location. At all times the entire crew was professional and courteous, kept me informed, and completed the extra work with absolutely no problems.

George K.

Bedfor, OH

Newly Planted

3 Years Later

Transplanting Trees & Shrubs

Transplanting a tree or shrub also involves properly planting it - but first, you have to dig it up so it can be moved.

The key is to dig up as much of the rootball as necessary and disturb it as little as possible. Depending on the size of the tree or shrub, that could take some heavy equipment to do it right.

Whatever the situation, we'll let you know what it'll take to properly transplant your tree or shrub. And if the tree isn't likely to survive the transplant, we'll let you know that too. Some trees simply aren't healthy enough to withstand the stress of transplanting, while others cannot be dug up or moved without removing too much of the rootball, cutting off major branches, or damaging nearby structures.

Tree or Shrub Transplanting

Maximize the survival rate of your transplanted trees or shrubs!

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Planting a small tree can be a fun family activity or weekend home improvement project - IF you do it correctly.

You may have heard the expression “Plant a $5 tree in a $100 hole.”  These days, you’re unlikely to find a healthy $5 tree for sale, but the key point of the message still holds – plant the tree properly!  If you mess up this step, it doesn’t matter what else you do – the tree is doomed.

Improper planting technique is the most common reason why transplanted trees die. So we've put together our best planting tips to help you have the best chance of success when planting your new tree.

Once you've planted your new tree, don't forget to place a 2 - 4 inch layer of mulch around the tree. Extend the mulch all the way to the edge of the tree's canopy but avoid the dreaded mulch volcano at all costs!

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