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As the season changes to spring, flowers and buds start to appear—and so do insects. Overwintering or newly emerging insects pose a serious threat to our trees and shrubs. Fortunately, one of the easiest ways of protecting your landscape from insect damage is with a light application of horticultural oil. If you have not considered using horticulture oil as the first line of defense against insects in your landscape, here are a few facts to consider:

  • Horticultural oils are safe and organic. Horticulture oils are refined to remove any of the impurities that would be damaging to plants, and then combined with emulsifiers so that you can mix the product with water and spray it on plants.
  • Horticultural oils are safe to use during the growing season. Early spring is a great time of year for horticultural oil applications, as they are safe and light enough to apply to plants that already have foliage.
  • Horticultural oils are effective in controlling pests. These oils will kill pests including mites, aphids, white flies, scale and other soft bodied insects on your trees and shrubs.

Independent Tree is now scheduling appointments across our service areas in Northeast Ohio for horticultural oil treatments. Call today to reserve yours and protect your trees and shrubs against the damage of insects this spring.