How to Combat 4 Common Summer Tree Pests

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Late June marks the official start of the summer season, often signaling consistently warm temperatures in Northeast Ohio. Unfortunately, June also marks the arrival of many summer pests. If you see strange markings or abnormalities on your tree, as detailed below, do not ignore them. The following are just a few of the many pests that may appear on your trees this summer season.

bagworm hanging from a branch


Much like the name bagworms indicates, these pests are identified by tiny pine-cone shaped bags hanging from the branches of your trees. These bags are not welcome decorations for your landscape. One of these tiny bags—usually no more than 1 or 2 inches long in size—can contain as many as 2,000 eggs! These larvae feed on the surface of your trees’ leaves.

spider mite damage on a leaf

Spider mites

Imagine an insect so tiny that a full-grown adult is merely 1/50th of an inch: That is a spider mite. You may not spot these pests with your bare eye, but you will certainly spot the damage they leave in their wake. Pay attention to tiny white or yellow speckles, or polka dots, on leaves. Spider mites, often brought on by extreme summer heat, can cause the premature loss of leaves.

aphids on a branch


Aphids are a tiny pear-shaped insect that feed in clusters on the undersides of leaves. When they feed, they suck the fluid from the tree and secrete a substance referred to as honeydew. The biggest threat of aphids is not so much the damage they cause while feeding, but the threat of spreading fungal disease from tree to tree.

japanese beetles eating a leaf

Japanese beetles

Unlike other pests that cannot be easily seen, these beetles are readily caught in the act. While they sometimes feed alone, they often feed in groups. With their shiny green bodies and copper-colored wings, these recognizable insects are one of the most well-known urban landscape pests. They are most active on warm, sunny days and will feed on the foliage of your trees and plants.

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