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Check back often for seasonal tips about what's going on in our area, updates on local pest and disease outbreaks, weather impacts, and more.

oak wilt on oak in northeast ohio

Preventing Oak Wilt in Northeast Ohio

Oak Wilt is a deadly fungal disease that has put all oak trees in northeast Ohio at risk. Once infected, there’s no known cure for Oak Wilt – so prevention is the best option for saving your oak trees. OAK WILTRESOURCES>> Learn More 4 Steps To Prevent Oak Wilt Infection 1. Avoid Pruning or Damaging…

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spring-flowering trees for northeast ohio

Best Spring-Flowering Trees To Plant in Northeast Ohio

The best spring-flowering trees are low maintenance, long-lived, and offer multiple seasons of interest here in Northeast Ohio. With many options to choose from, here are our four favorites.

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maple syrup production northeast ohio

How Do Northeast Ohio Maple Trees Make Syrup?

Have you ever wondered where maple syrup comes from? This time of year in Chardon or other Northeast Ohio towns, you will notice many of the maple trees have small metal buckets attached, or a plastic tubing system running from tree to tree. Those tubes and buckets are collecting sap from the maple trees, which…

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snow and salt damage to trees

How To Prevent Salt Damage to Trees & Shrubs

Each winter, thousands of tons of de-icing salt are applied to state and municipal roads in Northeast Ohio in an effort to keep roads dry, ice-free and safe for drivers. We also use rock salt and other de-icing materials on our own properties to clear walkways, driveways, patios and parking areas. But salt has a…

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Winter Protection for Trees & Shrubs

Here in Northeast Ohio, our trees and shrubs face a whole range of threats during winter, both from the weather itself and from animal pests. Cold dry winds can dry out trees, especially evergreens The weight of heavy snow and ice breaks branches, leading to a damaged and unsightly plant Road salt and spray damages leaf tissue…

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Preventing the Spread of Oak Wilt and Dutch Elm

With the arrival of the summer season in Northeast Ohio right around the corner, it is time to refresh ourselves of some common, serious tree diseases: Oak Wilt and Dutch Elm. Important Note: During the summer, Independent Tree does not schedule tree pruning services for oak or elm trees due to the risk of spreading…

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17-Year Cicadas to Emerge in Northeast Ohio

Some unexpected guests may soon be appearing in your landscape after a 17-year rest beneath the surface. You will recognize them by their red eyes and orange wings—the trademark features of periodical cicadas. The sight and mating sounds of hundreds of cicadas can definitely be alarming, but remember that these insects do not pose a…

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Tree Planting

Schedule Tree Planting Services by July 4!

Do you want to add new trees to your landscape this year? If so, now is the time to schedule your tree planting services! To increase the rate of survival for new trees, we encourage all new trees to be planted no later than July 4, and following the holiday, we do not schedule tree…

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Reminder: Schedule Your Emerald Ash Borer Treatment!

Have your ash trees been treated to control Emerald Ash Borer? When the soil temperatures rise in Northeast Ohio, the adult Emerald Ash Borer insects, recognizable by their dark metallic green exterior, will begin to emerge from your dormant ash trees. As soon as they emerge, they will begin feeding on the leaves of your…

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Benefits of Organic Insecticidal Treatments for Trees & Shrubs

As spring arrives, so do leaf-munching insect pests. Protect your northeast Ohio landscape against more than 300 insects with safe, sustainable and highly effective Organic Insecticidal Treatments from Independent Tree.

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What's Next?

Things are constantly changing in Northeast Ohio - weather, pests, and tree diseases all affect your landscape. Stay on top of what's going on so you can keep your trees and yard safe, healthy and beautiful.