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healthy organic soil being raked

May 27 2020

Is Your Soil Healthy? How to Tell & Why it Matters

Soil health has a huge impact on plant health and appearance. Keep your trees healthy by learning what soil is, how to identify healthy soil, ways to improve poor soil (most urban & suburban soil falls in this category), fertilizer use, and more.
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Close up of red flowers on a branch of flowering quince, a type of shrub that can be rejuvenation pruned every few years

Apr 15 2020

Rejuvenation Pruning of Shrubs: Answers to All Your Questions

What is rejuvenation pruning? We cover what it is; why, when, and how to do it; frequency; which shrubs benefit (and which will die!); caring for the shrub afterwards; and more.
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Construction equipment, the frame of a new building, and piles of dirt near a grove of trees

Mar 23 2020

How to Protect Trees During Construction

Proper tree protection during a construction project can save you thousands of dollars in tree repair, removal & health care after the project is finished.
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Mar 20 2020

Independent Tree’s Extra Precautions in Response to COVID-19

We are still open for business! ... and doing our part to flatten the curve. To ensure that everyone stays safe, we have implemented several new procedures to minimize direct contact.
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apple scab on a crabapple tree

Feb 17 2020

Apple Scab: Identification, Prevention & Treatment

Apple scab is a common and easily-spread disease affecting apples & crabapples in northeast Ohio. Learn the symptoms, how to prevent it & treatment options.
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An Independent Tree employee uses PHC truck injections to protect a home from pests and diseases

Jan 23 2020

What is Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for Trees?

IPM is an important part of creating a healthy and beautiful landscape using the least toxic and more sustainable methods possible. This article covers all the details as it relates to your trees and our PHC program.
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Frost-covered evergreen tree in Northeast ohio

Dec 16 2019

Winter Tree Care Tips for Northeast Ohio

Our top recommendations for winter tree care, including plant protection, preventing ice, snow, wind and salt damage, winter pruning, hazardous tree identification (before winter storms arrive!), and more.
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apple branch with fire blight

Nov 13 2019

Fire Blight: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

If new foliage on your fruit trees or ornamental shrubs looks like it has been torched, or if there are patches of dead foliage and twigs in an otherwise healthy-looking tree crown, you might be looking at fire blight. If so, here is important information about the possible cause and what to do about it.
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boxwood frost anti desiccant

Oct 14 2019

Anti-Desiccant Spray For Winter Protection: Do Your Broadleaf Shrubs Need It?

Winter burn on broadleaf shrubs isn’t pretty; bleached leaves, browning edges, and dying plants don’t look good in the landscape. Thankfully, anti-desiccant sprays can prevent most winter damage to shrubs. Here's what you need to know about anti-desiccant use in the Northeast Ohio landscape.
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fallen leaves autumn

Sep 19 2019

Don’t Send Fallen Leaves to the Landfill [What To Do Instead]

What's the best way to deal with piles of fallen leaves in autumn? It's not by sending them to the landfill! Here are four options to make best use of all those fallen leaves.
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What's Next?

Things are constantly changing in Northeast Ohio - weather, pests, and tree diseases all affect your landscape. Stay on top of what's going on so you can keep your trees and yard safe, healthy and beautiful.