As we prepare for the season to change from summer to fall, it is time to think about deep root fertilization treatments. This treatment uses high-pressure professional equipment to inject a blend of nutrients and fertilizer into your trees’ root base. You may believe that you can fertilize your own trees, however, a basic fertilizer that you spread around the base of your tree simply will not have the long-lasting effects of a deep root fertilization treatment that is applied by a certified tree care expert. Basic fertilizers are usually applied to the soil surface—not penetrated into the tree’s root system—and can be easily washed away by rain or wind, rendering it ineffective.

fertilization-smAre your trees in need of a deep root fertilization treatment?

Any tree or shrub that appears to be struggling this summer is a great candidate for a fall fertilization treatment. Signs of a struggling tree or shrub include:

  • Defoliation, which is the premature loss of leaves
  • Leaves changing their color too early, often appearing “scorched,” with a yellow-brown discoloration
  • General dieback evident on the tree, which is when leaves, usually at the top of the tree, begin to die and drop earlier in the fall

What does a deep root fertilization treatment do for your trees and shrubs?

  • To start, it restores essential nutrients that have been lost during the summer season and allows the tree to absorb and store nutrients for the upcoming winter.
  • Deep root fertilization also combats one of the primary stresses of many urban trees: soil compaction. Soil compaction occurs from a high volume of traffic, an inability of the tree to retain water, and a low level of nutrients in the soil. The treatment helps to loosen the soil and give the tree roots room to move. When tree roots cannot move, they are unable to grow or feed.
  • Deep root fertilization also improves soil aeration, letting the tree absorb essential nutrients, water, and oxygen—everything the tree needs to survive!

Just one fall fertilizer treatment will provide significant, long-lasting results for your trees. Call Independent Tree today to schedule your treatment!