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17-Year Cicadas to Emerge in Northeast Ohio


Some unexpected guests may soon be appearing in your landscape after a 17-year rest beneath the surface. You will recognize them by their red eyes and orange wings—the trademark features of periodical cicadas. The sight and mating sounds of hundreds of cicadas can definitely be alarming, but remember that these insects do not pose a…

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Schedule Tree Planting Services by July 4!

Tree Planting

Do you want to add new trees to your landscape this year? If so, now is the time to schedule your tree planting services! To increase the rate of survival for new trees, we encourage all new trees to be planted no later than July 4, and following the holiday, we do not schedule tree…

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Reminder: Schedule Your Emerald Ash Borer Treatment!

Have your ash trees been treated to control Emerald Ash Borer? When the soil temperatures rise in Northeast Ohio, the adult Emerald Ash Borer insects, recognizable by their dark metallic green exterior, will begin to emerge from your dormant ash trees. As soon as they emerge, they will begin feeding on the leaves of your…

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Start the Year with an Annual Tree Maintenance Schedule

This time of year provides a great opportunity to begin a regular tree maintenance schedule. Being aware of the services and treatments available to improve the health and well-being of your trees is so important. From spring horticultural oil applications to fall fertilization treatments, this maintenance schedule will result in a thriving, beautiful landscape. Winter:…

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Inspect Soil Quality to Ensure Healthy Trees

Spring is just around the corner, so it’s time to start planning for a healthy landscape. Urban and suburban landscapes are nothing close to the native environments that trees have evolved in, but luckily there are many practices that can be done to help recreate healthy soils at your home that your trees will thrive…

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Plan Your Tree Service Before Winter

Fall is well underway in the Cleveland area and we all know what is not far behind: winter! Knowing winter is coming soon should be a great motivation for scheduling your tree services now. Many services can be completed during the dormant fall season to ensure your trees and landscape are healthy and well-prepared to…

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Importance of Organic Fall Fertilization

Trees in forested areas enjoy a rich soil created from the natural decomposition of fallen leaves and tree debris. However, this does not exist in most urban or suburban areas, meaning that these organic nutrients must be provided in another way – through fertilization. Late fall fertilization treatments will: Replace lost nutrients. As we noted…

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Schedule Pruning and Tree Removals Before Winter!

The early fall season has arrived in Northeast Ohio with plenty of blue skies and warm temperatures. This is the ideal time of year to schedule any pruning or tree removals, as winter is lurking just around the corner. Pruning will help your trees continue to grow strong and maintain their safety during the harsh…

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