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Best Trees for Northeast Ohio

Best Trees for Small Spaces in Northeast Ohio

small suburban yard with trees

One of the biggest mistakes we see when trees are planted is that the full-grown size of the tree is underestimated. If you have a smaller yard or want to plant a tree near a walkway, deck, house, overhead wires, or other structures, you’ll need to choose a tree that stays small. Here are our top recommendations for smaller trees that do well in northeast Ohio.

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Five Best Northeast Ohio Trees For Colorful Fall Foliage

trees for fall color in NE Ohio

What would fall be without the autumnal change from green to brilliant shades of orange, gold, red, and purple? Colorful fall leaves are almost magical and especially nice when the prettiest trees are planted in your own yard. That’s why we created this list of the best landscape trees for fall color in our part of the country!

Our favorites are well-adapted, Northeast Ohio native trees sure to perform beautifully in our area. Any of these five beauties will add big color to your fall landscape.

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The Benefits of Evergreens in the Winter Landscape

evergreen holly berries

During our long Northeast Ohio winters, it can seem like everything outside is hibernating. The trees have lost their leaves, the water is frozen over, and a blanket of snow covers everything. But evergreen trees and shrubs are still alive, colorful, and vibrant during these gray winter months, creating visual interest in the landscape and providing a host of other benefits.

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The Pignut Hickory – Carya Glabra

With all the bounties that Fall has to offer, it seemed fitting that this issues feature tree represent one of our great nut producing species Few Ohio native trees have the majestic height & strength of the Pignut Hickory, Carya Glabra. Pignut Hickory are characterized by 5-7 small leaflets. The bark is gray and smooth…

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The Liberty Tree

Let Freedom Reign!   In celebration of Independence Day, we felt it fitting to not narrow our celebration of trees to one specific species, but to take a look at what trees represent to us as a nation.   Few things go hand and hand with America more than a tree; which is why our…

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The Cherry Tree, An American Treasure

Prunus, from the Avium cultivar to the Sargentii we look to the flowering Cherry tree as a sure sign that spring is here.  With delicate white and pink flowers popping out at us, it is sure to bring the feeling of life and fertility.  Few trees carry as much American tradition as the flowering Cherry…

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