Dutch Elm Disease

in Northeast Ohio

This fatal disease kills 100% of infected elm trees

What you need to know about Dutch Elm Disease

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WHAT Is Oak Wilt?

Oak Wilt is a destructive, incurable and deadly fungal disease that is a threat to ALL oak trees in northeast Ohio.

Why Should YOU Care?

Trees with Oak Wilt usually die, affecting the beauty of your landscape, decreasing your property value and costing you money to manage the disease and remove the tree.

How does it Spread?

Oak Wilt is carried by beetles that are attracted to fresh cuts on oak trees, and also spreads directly to neighboring oak trees through root-to-root contact.

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How To Prevent Oak Wilt

Preventing Oak Wilt is fairly straightforward - just follow the 4 tips below and contact our Certified Arborists with any questions.

Don't Prune Oaks April 15 - October 1

Disinfect Pruning Tools Between Cuts

Paint Pruning Cuts Immediately

Don't Move Oak Firewood


If Your Oak Trees Are Infected

There is no cure for Oak Wilt. Once an oak tree is infected with Oak Wilt, the only question is how quickly it will die.

However, there are some things you can do to slow down the disease and stop Oak Wilt from spreading to other oak trees.

Oak Wilt By The Numbers

Years since discovery

Oak Wilt disease was first discovered in southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois in about 1929.


Mortality Rate

While some oak species survive for up to a few years, all will eventually die after being infected with Oak Wilt.

Months Not To prune

Don't prune oaks between April 15 and June 15. Better yet, wait until Oct. 1 as infection can still occur after June.

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