red truck with "this truck saves trees" and Independent Tree logo

This Truck Saves Trees

We're pleased to introduce the latest addition to our fleet of tree service trucks! This one is specifically designed to carry everything needed to help us diagnose and treat any problems with your trees.

  • zero-emission

    This truck uses all the most current emissions control systems. As a result, it produces a clean exhaust (to help reduce the level of emissions in our atmosphere) while transporting tree saving arborist technicians.

  • tree-cricket

    This truck and its arborist operators protects over 1,000 trees a year from Oak Wilt, Dutch Elm Disease, Emerald Ash Borer, and more. Together, these trees help increase property values and supply your lungs with fresh clean air. 

  • npk

    This truck carries over 20,000 gallons of organic fertilizer. We use organic products that don't contribute to the algae bloom in our Great Lakes while enhancing root growth and building healthy soils. 

  • home

    This truck maintains about 600 local properties with the help of our arborists. Strong, healthy trees absorb vehicle emissions and pollution to create pure oxygen for everyone.