Tree & Shrub Planting / Transplanting

Planting Trees in Northeast Ohio

A new tree is a lifetime investment and will add value to your home - but only if it's planted correctly. And that isn't as easy as it may look.

Here are some of the things to think about when planting a new tree -

  • Is this the right tree for your location?
  • How wide and deep should the planting hole be?
  • What's the trunk flare and where should it be relative to the soil level?
  • Have you removed all constraints that could affect future growth?
  • Should you amend the soil in the planting hole?
  • Does the tree need to be staked? If so, how and for how long?
  • How often and how deeply should the tree be watered after it's planted?

Proper planting is essential to the future health of your trees and shrubs.

Our Certified Arborists can select a wide variety of trees or shrubs appropriate to your location for you to choose from, and you can rest assured that your investment will be installed correctly.


Transplanting Trees & Shrubs

Transplanting a tree or shrub also involves properly planting it - but first you have to dig it up so it can be moved.

The key is to dig up as much of the rootball as necessary and disturb it as little as possible. Depending on the size of the tree or plant, that could take some heavy equipment to do it right.

If you want to maximize the survival rate of your transplanted trees or shrubs, give us a call at 440-564-1374. We'll let you know what it'll take to properly remove and plant whatever it is you want to move.


Recommended Trees

If you're looking for great trees that do well here in Northeast Ohio, we have some excellent options for spring-flowering trees, as well as trees with wonderful fall color. These can be planted in spring or fall, but not in summer.

Best Spring-Flowering Trees for Northeast Ohio

Best Northeast Ohio Trees for Colorful Fall Foliage

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Tree & Shrub Planting/Transplanting

Above & Beyond

A big thanks to Independent Tree and the crew who came out to install my maple tree.

The entire crew went above and beyond to get the tree in the correct location. At all times the entire crew was professional and courteous, kept me informed, and completed the extra work with absolutely no problems.

George K

Newly Planted

3 Years Later