Adding new trees to your yard can be an excellent idea. Providing more shade and adding dimension to your landscaping, new trees can be an asset to your home’s curb appeal. Though it may seem like an easy process, planting a balled and burlapped tree to give it a good start can require quite a bit of preparation and muscle.planted

  • Prepare the site. If you are planting a new tree in your yard, it is important to till the area that the tree will be planted to about five times bigger than the root ball. Once the area is tilled, then a hole can be dug that is just as deep as the root ball.
  • Make it the right depth. Making sure that the top of root ball of your burlapped tree isn’t buried is an important step to making sure that the newly planted tree survives. The root ball should be level with the ground or just slightly above the ground at the end of the tree planting process.
  • Firming the hole. As you prepare the hole, keep in mind that it should be sloping at the sides and the soil at the bottom of the hole should be kept firm so that the root ball does not sink after planting.
  • Move carefully. While it may seem natural to simply grab the tree by the trunk and drag it to the site when it is time to move it, don’t. Moving the tree without supporting the root ball can damage it. Always support the root ball when moving it and be careful not to try to move a tree that is too heavy.
  • Final steps. Once your tree is carefully in position and the site has been properly prepared, you can cut away the wire basket, remove all rope and twine and any nails. Check to make sure the tree is straight and firmly pack soil around it. Water the tree well and put mulch two to four inches deep around the tree, keeping all mulch four inches away from the tree trunk.
    Giving a tree a good start by preparing the area carefully can ensure that your investment into a tree gives you a long lasting addition to your yard. Do you need help selecting and planting a tree for your home? Call Independent Tree today and one of our certified arborists will be happy to assist you with the process.