pruning-treeProperly trimming trees is much more than randomly cutting away branches that may or may not need to be removed. While many homeowners attempt tree trimming, certified arborists believe that this service is best left to professionals who have the education and knowledge to trim a tree in a way that will keep it healthy.

  • Professional tree trimming shapes trees. When an arborist approaches a tree, they focus on removing dead branches, removing crowded limbs, and removing hazards that could cause damage to people or property.
  • Professional arborists prioritize safety. Trimming and shaping trees can be a dangerous business. With the weight of tree limbs and trunks as well as the height needed to cut away branches, tree trimming in Chardon is best left to professionals.
  • Professional tree trimming makes as positive impact on the health of the tree and other landscaping present in the area. Carefully removing tree branches that have blocked light from getting to the ground can help other landscaping grow. This is a good way to increase the vitality of a tree and the shrubs and plants below.
  • With tree trimming, timing is critical. Knowing when in the growth cycle to trim a tree is an important aspect of the work of a professional arborist. Depending on the type of tree, it may be best pruned in the fall, winter or spring. Trimming at another time may actually cause damage to a tree or may effect fruit production.
  • Trees require different approaches. Different tree trimming techniques are used depending on the type of tree that is being trimmed. Changes in where the branches are clipped, knowing where buds will form and the other growing habits of the particular species can ensure that the tree remains health after the trimming process.
    Professional tree trimming can make all the difference in keeping trees and homeowners healthy and safe. By shaping trees using safe processes, tree trimming can make a positive impact on tree health and growth. If your trees are overgrown, contact Independent Tree today for a complementary site visit and tree trimming evaluation.