Let Freedom Reign!

In celebration of Independence Day, we felt it fitting to not narrow our celebration of trees to one specific species, but to take a look at what trees represent to us as a nation.
Few things go hand and hand with America more than a tree; which is why our founding fathers gravitated to its presence in the founding years of our nation.
• The Sons of Liberty utilized an Elm tree in Boston prior to the American Revolution as a gathering point.

• The Charter Oak in Connecticut offered protection and was a symbol of liberty for American colonists of 1662.

• New England Patriots went to battle during the American Revolution with a flag ornamented with a pine tree.

Business and organizations look to the image of a tree as a symbol of strength and integrity, and so should we at the time of our nation’s birthday. Pick you own Liberty Tree; in a yard, school grounds or park… a healthy tree with spreading limbs where a gathering of friends and family can proclaim our gratitude to our ancestors and all who continue to serve for the liberty and freedom we enjoy as Americans.
From all of us at Independent Tree have a safe and happy Independence Day!