prunus aviumPrunus, from the Avium cultivar to the Sargentii we look to the flowering Cherry tree as a sure sign that spring is here.  With delicate white and pink flowers popping out at us, it is sure to bring the feeling of life and fertility.  Few trees carry as much American tradition as the flowering Cherry tree.  Any one of us can name the American president whose honesty was tested as a child for chopping down his father’s Cherry tree.  Or consider the streets of our nation’s capital building lined in flowering Cherry trees.  It is almost ironic that the most popular flowering cherry trees were introduced from Asia in the late 1800s.  Yet they persist as a favorite landscape specimen in Ohio.

If you want to add a touch of April spring color to the landscape at your home or property look closely at the species you select.  Also check your desired planting location for the correct amount of sun and soils; the combination of these will insure that your flowering beacon will be strong and healthy, resistant to insects, bugs and possibly Mr. Washington’s hatchet!

Still hungry for more history on the Cherry Tree, check here for further reading.

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