Taking Care of Trees Though taking care of trees located in a natural, undisturbed forest may not require any work, maintaining the trees in your Geauga County yard may require some effort to maintain their health. While trees in a virgin forest have the benefit of naturally decomposing materials, adequate groundcover, and nutrients delivered deep into the soil, the trees in your yard can use a little help to keep them healthy. Here are some of the things that we recommend to keep your trees beautiful:

  • Mulch. Mulching around your trees does more than simply keep weeds away from the trunk. By using composted materials instead of traditional mulch, nutrients can wash down through the soil and into the root system.
  • Watering. Watering is especially critical when you have planted a new tree or have had one moved to a new location. While established trees have the benefit of extensive root systems that can draw water, new trees do not have this benefit. During dry periods in Chardon, make sure to provide adequate water for new trees.
  • Fertilizer. Trees in natural environments benefit from composting leaves and plants. Because of landscaping trends, this does not happen for trees that are located near homes. Providing a deep root fertilizer can help trees to thrive and ward off pests and disease.
  • Pruning. Pruning is a vital service that helps trees to continue to grow well throughout their life cycle. By removing hazards and diseased branches, pests are discouraged and trees can concentrate on growing in a more healthy direction.
  • Remove pests and disease. Unfortunately, trees are susceptible to pests and disease from time to time. When they succumb to an illness, there are effective treatments that can restore the tree to health and vitality.
    Providing good care of your Chardon trees is essential to keeping them vital and growing well at your home or office. Do you need help caring for your trees? Contact us today and we’ll be happy to come out to your site to develop a full tree care plant.