Stumps from rotten or fallen trees can be an unsightly part of your yard. And, if a tree has been removed or has fallen in the middle of your yard, the remains of the stump can be a hazard for people walking or children playing. Why should you have your stump removed by Independent Tree?Stump Grinding

  • Our stump grinding process removes the remains of the tree down at least one foot, allowing you to immediately replant grass or other plants directly over top of the site. No long waiting periods!
  • Independent Tree offers certified arborists and tree care specialists who can assess the situation, let you know why the tree failed, and help you plot the best course of action.
  • All of our stump grinding equipment is fitted with chip guards to protect your home, landscaping, and windows from debris.
  • Letting Independent Tree remove a tree stump can prevent vermin from taking up residence in the hollowed out areas, protecting your home from unwanted infestation.
  • We offer affordable rates and convenient scheduling.

If your goal is to improve the landscaping in your yard, don’t let old stumps get in the way. Let Independent Tree come out to your site and quickly and safely remove tree stumps. Call our office today at 440-332-0586┬áto schedule a complementary site visit and evaluation by one of our certified arborists.