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Early Blooming BudsThe birds are singing and the days are getting longer. The cold winds of winter are fading & wild flowers are starting to emerge and bloom; before we know it spring will be in full bloom. As this long, cold and snowy winter comes to a close, Independent Tree is ramping up to begin our busy spring season.



Every year, Independent Tree Service sends team members to our Ohio Tree Care Conference where we are able to keep up with the wealth of research & innovation in our industry. Tree Risk Assessment was the main topic of discussion at this year’s conference. The Keynote Presentation, by Dr. Jason Grabosky, discussed the evolution and adaption of trees over centuries to survive environmental changes in the ecosystem. Considering that trees now have a longer growing season and less time to prepare for winter dormancy, making trees susceptible to major storm damage due to weather events, the objective is to get arborists thinking about the next 50 years. An informative discussion on TRAQ (Tree Risk Assessment Qualification) updates was also very informative. When do you “Pull the Trigger on High Risk Trees?” is a question all arborists face in their careers. This discussion further concluded with a demonstration of tools and techniques used in the tree industry to estimate decay. The Climbers Corner included presentations further focusing on key principles for executing safe, efficient tree work practices.
All in all, it was another great year at the Ohio Tree Care Conference and we at Independent Tree Service look forward to continuing to bring our education to practice with our clients.



April showers bring May flowers… and that includes tree blossoms. Unmistakable in their beauty, blossoming cherry trees in peak bloom herald the arrival of spring. Alan Kraus introduces us to this beloved tree in his article, The Cherry Tree, An American Treasure.

Harsh weather puts a hurt on a lot of Ohio’s tree attacking pests like gypsy moths & the eastern tent caterpillar, however the Emerald Ash Borer is cold tolerant and continues to plague northeast Ohio’s Ash tree’s at a devastating rate. Our blog delves deeper into how Independent Tree Service continues to fight back for the protection of your tree and landscape.

Our next newsletter comes out in the summer, but in the meantime keep a heads up on upcoming events between now and then. Arbor Day in Ohio is being honored on April 25th this year and we have some tips on how you can celebration in our article, Arbor Day 2014… A Celebration of Trees! Plant Health Care programs will be in full effect these upcoming months, so if you’re already signed up for the PHC program you can count on our team to visit your property soon. What is Plant Health Care exactly? You can check our site here to find out.
If you would like more information about our Plant Health care program, or would like to sign up contact Independent Tree Service at 440-564-1374, or at and we would be happy to schedule a complimentary evaluation for you.

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