Now that spring has arrived, so have a variety of insects that will feed on your trees and shrubs. We now have an ORGANIC alternative to control those leaf munching pests. It’s effective against over 300 insects, including, aphids, white flies, soft scales, and mites. Our insect control products are OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) listed and are safe and sustainable.

Why choose an organic approach to plant health care?

Conventional pesticides and fertilizers cause a dependency cycle where the high levels of nitrogen in synthetic fertilizers cause pest populations to spike creating the need for more synthetic pesticides to reduce that pest pressure. We take a ground up approach at Independent Tree, where we start by creating healthy soils for trees and shrubs to grow in and will aid their natural defenses to control pests. In addition, we have a 4-step organic insect control program developed to monitor your trees and shrubs and apply organic insecticides as needed before they become detrimental to your plants.

• Safe For People & Pets
• Reduce Pollution to Soil, Water & Air
• Maintain Ecological Integrity
• Build health Soils
• Grow Healthy Plants
• Sustainable

Call us today to develop an organic insect control program for your property.