Tree Planting

Do you want to add new trees to your landscape this year?

If so, now is the time to schedule your tree planting services! To increase the rate of survival for new trees, we encourage all new trees to be planted no later than July 4, and following the holiday, we do not schedule tree planting services again until the fall season.

Why do we only plant in spring & fall?

Summer in Northeast Ohio is unpredictable. Extreme hot and dry temperatures are possible, and these conditions can be extremely stressful on new plants and trees, as well as any trees or shrubs that have been transplanted. They will require a lot of care and watering in order to successfully grow their root system, especially if we are going through long stretches without any significant rainfall.

The combination of a lack of water and undergoing heat stress can be too much for a newly-planted tree to handle, and you may notice these signs of stress:

  • discoloration of the tree’s leaves
  • leaves that are wilting
  • branches that are drooping and
  • early leaf drop.

Because of this, the best time of year to plant is during the spring and the fall seasons.

If you are interested in planting before July 4, contact Independent Tree as soon as possible to schedule your service.

And if you’re looking for some good recommendations, see our article on the best spring-flowering trees for our area.