Early Bloom FlowerYou may be seeing perennials for sale at your local nursery and wondering if this is a good time of year to plant them. Early fall is actually a great time of year to plant perennials. To start, the weather conditions are ideal for optimum growing. The end of September usually signals the beginning of a period of cooler temperatures, which will help your plants establish their roots.

Why choose perennials? These plants can be used to help fill any holes in your landscape that occurred over the summer. Perhaps there is a large hole in a flowerbed from a flower or plant that died. A perennial will fill the hole and add color to your flowerbed. There are many varieties of perennials to choose from. If you need some suggestions, here are a few of our favorites!

  • Bearded iris: This perennial boasts large flowers and comes in many colors, ranging from pinks and reds to yellows and purples. It is easy to plant and requires minimal care.
  • Bee balm: Would you like to attract hummingbirds, as well as butterflies and bees, to your garden? Consider planting bee balm. This unusual, striking perennial will add life to your garden. Just keep in mind that bee balm will spread, so you will need to divide the plants every couple of years to keep it from overtaking your landscape.
  • Daylilies: This perennial’s botanical name is Heremocallis, which means “beauty for a day.” That is very true of these beautiful flowers! Daylilies usually bloom in the morning and then close in the evening. These flowers are very resilient; they thrive in many climates and are usually left alone by pests and disease.
  • Lamb’s ear: For a hardy and strong perennial, choose Lamb’s ear. It is a great choice if you need groundcover to fill a large portion of your landscape, as it grows dense and quickly in many environments. The plant has silvery, soft leaves.

The team at Independent Tree is happy to offer advice and assistance with your fall planting. Give us a call today!