The time has come again for tree planting. Fall & spring are the ideal times to plant new trees and shrubs. As trees and shrubs prepare for the winter, they are no longer photo synthesizing, but putting the food they made into storage & going into dormancy.

For this reason, fall has the added bonus of providing ample time for your new plantings to recover and proliferate roots before spring showers and summer warmth encourage new top growth.
All of these factors will help establish a strong root base to support new growth, as well as avoid main stressors of being transplanted, which improves its chances of survival.

In addition to timing your new planting, proper installation is a key component in your new plants success. Please visit for tips on how to plant a tree. If you want to leave it entirely up to the experts, please contact Independent Tree Service at 440-564-1374 or & we’ll be happy to help