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Plant Health Care Program Is Underway

eab_idcard_back copyThe Independent Tree Service PHC program is underway for 2014.  April through June is the busiest time for Plant Health Care; not only do the trees and flowers begin to flourish, but so do bugs and disease.

Clients signed up for our Plant Health Care program can count on a certified arborist conducting regular inspections and applications; This program is designed to maintain &  improve your landscape’s health, appearance, vitality, and safety through monitoring  &  preventative treatments, while developing a close working relationship with you and your property.

While dormant oils are generally close to being completed, there is still time to get on the schedule.  The next upcoming services include a fungicide treatment, which is essential for controlling diseases such as apple scab, anthracnose and mildews.  A later insecticide treatment applied late May through June, controls early emergers such as leaf miners, lace bugs and the viburnum leaf beetle.  Japanese beetle, aphid and summer mite treatments are usually applied July – August .  Emerald Ash Borer treatments take place April – July and this beetle is going to be a growing concern for north east Ohio Ash trees.  We’ve also added perimeter pest control to our list of services… so, we can now not only control the pests attacking your plants and tree, but we can help keep bugs such as ants & spiders out of your home as well!

If you are interested in learning more about Plant Health Care or perimeter pest control, please contact Independent Tree Service at 440-564-1374, or and we would love to come out and give you a free evaluation.

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