Will you plant a new tree at your home this spring?

Let’s consider for a moment the benefits of trees. We all have some fond memories of trees, whether it’s climbing the apple tree at your grandparent’s house when you were young or studying under the massive oak tree on your college campus. Trees engender something in us, something we relate to perennially. Trees stand strong, they reach for the sky, and they seem fixed and eternal. Yet sometimes we forget they provide much more than a fond memory or respite on a hot and sunny day.

indexTrees help to prevent environmental damage. Trees are exceptionally good at drinking water, water that after a strong spring rain may otherwise rush down the storm drain, combine with sewage and dump into our lake, causing all sorts of environmental damage.

Trees promote clean air. They are great at removing carbon and pollution from the atmosphere, keeping the air we breathe clean and healthy.

Trees provide shade. Properly placed trees reduce cooling costs in the summer months by shading your home or building, and can greatly increase property value.

Trees contribute to a sense of community. Research shows that tree-lined streets and properly developed urban forests help lower crime rates and create a greater sense of community amongst the residents. Trees are the only type of infrastructure that actually increases in value over time.

So, as you consider planting a tree in your yard this spring, remember that you’re not just planting a tree for you and your family to enjoy; you’re planting a tree for your planet.

Our team would love to help you with the selection and installation of your new tree, or trees, this spring. Contact us today to get started!