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Pest & Disease Protection

What's Bugging Your Trees?

Pests and disease can threaten your tree and landscape health, as well as cause unsightly problems. But if you don't know exactly what's causing the problem, how can you solve it?

Proper Diagnosis is Key

Insect and DiseaseProper diagnosis of tree health problems involves close examination of the situation.

Our Certified Arborists use the leading resources at hand to diagnose the issues. They'll then offer you the best options for treatments.

Sometimes the best treatment is to simply leave the tree alone. Other times it involves spraying or injecting the tree with chemicals (we use organic treatments whenever possible), pruning out affected branches, or even removing the tree altogether.

Since appropriate treatment varies depending on the diagnosis, it's critical to be confident that you know exactly what the problem is before you start treating your trees.

If you believe your trees/shrubs are suffering from a pest and/or disease problem, please call us at 440-564-1374.

Don't wait until the tree is in serious decline before taking steps to keep it healthy.

Keep Trees Healthy With PHC

We offer a customized Plant Health Care Program to keep your trees healthy. One of our specialists will regularly and closely monitor your landscape for any signs of pests or disease so we can take immediate action if anything happens.

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Worried About Your Ash Trees?

Early prevention and treatment are key to keeping your ash trees safe from Emerald Ash Borer. Learn the facts and see how we can help with safe, effective treatment.

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