Tree Growing MoneyTrees are great for the environment, but what if we told you they could also be great for your pocketbook via savings on your energy bills?

Intrigued? Great! Because today we’re going to learn how trees can save you upwards of $2,500 over the next 10 years. We’ll go through what types of trees would work best to accomplish this goal, where to place trees, and why this is working for homeowners across the country.

Which Trees Are the Best Fit For Maximum Savings?

While any type of tree can provide shade in the spring and summer months, deciduous trees offer a dual use which can prove more beneficial. This is because deciduous trees are trees which shed their leaves as the weather starts turning colder. So you get all the benefits of the shade during summer while allowing the sunlight to come into your home during the winter months.

This supplements your air conditioner in the summer and you furnace in the winter.

Where Should We Place Trees for the Greatest Benefit?

There are two main areas of your yard/home in which the sun has a greater effect. The key to making this plan work is to address those areas where the sunlight is at its most powerful. By placing trees on the southern and western sides of your home you’ll be setting yourself up for maximum savings.

Is This Actually Working for Homeowners?

Yes! According to the US Department of Energy well-placed trees can save a homeowner upwards of $100-$250 per year annually. This is equally true for your existing mature trees that are already offering you these cost saving benefits. Remember to properly maintain and care for these green assets and talk with one of our certified arborists to help you keep your trees healthy for years to come.

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