Education & Networking: TCI EXPO 2018

Each November, we head off to the world's largest tree care tradeshow and conference, TCI EXPO. It invovles three days of classes, product demonstrations and networking with fellow tree care professionals from across the country.

This year's show was held in Charlotte, NC (where it was cold and rainy), home of the NASCAR Hall of Fame (where the opening reception was held).

Attending a show like this isn't all fun and games. The trade show floor is huge and we cover every foot of it as we work hard to stay up-to-date on all of the latest equipment trends and modern-day arboriculture equipment. For those of you into big "toys", check out the photos below!

Each day includes educational sessions, with presentations on safety, quality and productivity. Attending these continuing education classes is an important requirement for ISA Certified Arborists - without it, we wouldn't be able to maintain our certification. It also ensures that we're fully up-to-date on best practices in the tree care industry so we can serve you better.

But the part we enjoy most is networking with fellow arborists. This year we had a chance to chat with and learn from arborists from Colorado, Massachusetts, Kentucky, California and Florida, as well as our home state of Ohio.