Pruning your shrubs and trees while they are still dormant is one of the best yard care practices.  By having Independent Tree complete pruning during the winter, you can expect your trees to grow more vigorously in the spring.


How does this work?  By pruning deciduous trees and shrubs (those that lose their leaves) during the winter, the reshaping of the trees causes less stress to the plant itself.  The process of pruning also reduces the collective amount of buds.  In the spring, the net effect is that the stored energy of the tree is directed toward fewer buds and branches, providing the plant with renewed life and energy.  In addition, because the tree is dormant, it more quickly heals from the cuts and bruises that are part of the pruning process and can prevent infections from occurring.  Dormant pruning is the ideal pruning option for most deciduous trees and many shrubs.

The Independent Tree care team is ready to assist you with your dormant pruning needs.  Our staff of tree care specialists and certified arborists are experts in all varieties of trees and shrubs that are common to the Northeast Ohio canopy system.  We can quickly identify the species in your yard and let you know the requirements of pruning.

Don’t wait!  Call Independent Tree today at 440-564-1374  for your onsite pruning assessment so that your project can be finished before buds set for the season.  We are ready to assist you in making a beautiful yard.