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Seasonal Tips

How To Prevent Salt Damage to Trees & Shrubs

snow and salt damage to trees

Each winter, thousands of tons of de-icing salt are applied to state and municipal roads in Northeast Ohio in an effort to keep roads dry, ice-free and safe for drivers. We also use rock salt and other de-icing materials on our own properties to clear walkways, driveways, patios and parking areas. But salt has a…

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Winter Protection for Trees & Shrubs

Here in Northeast Ohio, our trees and shrubs face a whole range of threats during winter, both from the weather itself and from animal pests. Cold dry winds can dry out trees, especially evergreens The weight of heavy snow and ice breaks branches, leading to a damaged and unsightly plant Road salt and spray damages leaf tissue…

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17-Year Cicadas to Emerge in Northeast Ohio


Some unexpected guests may soon be appearing in your landscape after a 17-year rest beneath the surface. You will recognize them by their red eyes and orange wings—the trademark features of periodical cicadas. The sight and mating sounds of hundreds of cicadas can definitely be alarming, but remember that these insects do not pose a…

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Plant a Tree for Your Family – and the Planet

Will you plant a new tree at your home this spring? Let’s consider for a moment the benefits of trees. We all have some fond memories of trees, whether it’s climbing the apple tree at your grandparent’s house when you were young or studying under the massive oak tree on your college campus. Trees engender…

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Fall Tree Planting Dos and Don’ts for Northeast Ohio

fall planting northeast ohio

Fall is a recommended time of year for tree planting in many regions, including Northeast Ohio. The climate is typically cool and trees have plenty of time to establish their roots before the heat and rain of spring arrives to stimulate their top growth. It can be very easy to be so excited to plant your new trees that you ignore certain planning steps or potentially overlook an important task that could protect your tree and help it grow strong. Here are the dos and don’t to get it done correctly.

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Simple Reminders for Summer Tree Care

We hope everyone is enjoying the summer in Northeast Ohio! Be sure to follow these reminders for summer tree care to make sure your trees are healthy and strong into the autumn season. Ensure your trees are receiving enough water. So far this summer, adequate rainfall has not been an issue in Northeast Ohio. However,…

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Best Practices for Protecting Your Trees from Summer Storms

We all know that summer storms will occur in Northeast Ohio, bringing strong winds, heavy rains, lightning, and even hail. But do we know how our trees and landscape will handle those storms? If your trees are not prepared for high winds, they could become significantly stressed and weakened during a summer storm, putting you…

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Five Ways to Celebrate Arbor Day 2015

On Friday, April 24, 2015, you can join with others across Northeast Ohio in celebrating the very special holiday of Arbor Day. Have you made your plans yet? While there are many ways that you and your family can celebrate the day, we have compiled some of our favorite options. 1. Plant a tree! In…

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How to Care for Trees Damaged by Winter Snow and Ice

Heavy snow and ice during the winter months can be particularly devastating to trees and other landscaping around your home. While you unfortunately cannot control the weather in Northeast Ohio, you can take action now to help your trees recover this spring. Here are some tips for surveying the damage to your trees and beginning…

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Fall Is A Good Time For Plant Health Care

The time has come again for tree planting. Fall & spring are the ideal times to plant new trees and shrubs. As trees and shrubs prepare for the winter, they are no longer photo synthesizing, but putting the food they made into storage & going into dormancy. For this reason, fall has the added bonus…

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