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Seasonal Tips: Summer

Summer Tree Care in Northeast Ohio: Dos and Don’ts

summer tree care

When summer arrives we’re all excited to enjoy the beautiful, warm-weather season in the Cleveland area. But remember that as the weather changes, so should your tree care and maintenance efforts. Don’t assume that your trees will enjoy the summer season as much as you do unless they get a little bit of extra care and attention.

Here’s a quick list of summer tree care dos and don’ts to keep in mind this summer.

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Simple Reminders for Summer Tree Care

We hope everyone is enjoying the summer in Northeast Ohio! Be sure to follow these reminders for summer tree care to make sure your trees are healthy and strong into the autumn season. Ensure your trees are receiving enough water. So far this summer, adequate rainfall has not been an issue in Northeast Ohio. However,…

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Best Practices for Protecting Your Trees from Summer Storms

We all know that summer storms will occur in Northeast Ohio, bringing strong winds, heavy rains, lightning, and even hail. But do we know how our trees and landscape will handle those storms? If your trees are not prepared for high winds, they could become significantly stressed and weakened during a summer storm, putting you…

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