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Seasonal Tips: Fall

A Quick Checklist to Keep Trees Healthy This Fall

fall plant checklist birch foliage

Many new trees are planted across Northeast Ohio during fall, which is wonderful! However, it’s important to remember that your newly planted trees will rely on you to help them grow and thrive.

Follow this checklist to keep all of your trees, both new and old, healthy during the fall season and into winter.

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Fall Planting Guidelines for Northeast Ohio

fall planting tips

The autumn season—late August through mid-October—is an ideal time to plant in Northeast Ohio. The key is to plant the right things the right way. Here are our recommendations for what to plant and how to care for it.

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Importance of Organic Fall Fertilization

Trees in forested areas enjoy a rich soil created from the natural decomposition of fallen leaves and tree debris. However, this does not exist in most urban or suburban areas, meaning that these organic nutrients must be provided in another way – through fertilization. Late fall fertilization treatments will: Replace lost nutrients. As we noted…

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Plant New Perennials This Fall

You may be seeing perennials for sale at your local nursery and wondering if this is a good time of year to plant them. Early fall is actually a great time of year to plant perennials. To start, the weather conditions are ideal for optimum growing. The end of September usually signals the beginning of…

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Fall Tree Planting Dos and Don’ts for Northeast Ohio

fall planting northeast ohio

Fall is a recommended time of year for tree planting in many regions, including Northeast Ohio. The climate is typically cool and trees have plenty of time to establish their roots before the heat and rain of spring arrives to stimulate their top growth. It can be very easy to be so excited to plant your new trees that you ignore certain planning steps or potentially overlook an important task that could protect your tree and help it grow strong. Here are the dos and don’t to get it done correctly.

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Fall Is A Good Time For Plant Health Care

The time has come again for tree planting. Fall & spring are the ideal times to plant new trees and shrubs. As trees and shrubs prepare for the winter, they are no longer photo synthesizing, but putting the food they made into storage & going into dormancy. For this reason, fall has the added bonus…

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Autumn Weather Brings … Nuts!

acorn and bright maple leaves

We’re fortunate in northeast Ohio to have many trees that develop nuts each fall. Hickory, oak and pine are just a few. From them we get food, dye and more. So this year, why not harvest them instead of raking them into bags for disposal?

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